About Us

Founded in 2017, StayInShanghai core aims revolve around providing an efficient and suitable relocation solution to budding expatriates. Our expat-run team composed of native English, German and Mandarin consultants provide a tailor made service adapted to the needs of our clientele.

We hand pick the best properties available in the most foreigner-friendly, central areas of Shanghai - close to all transportation and present them to our clients. We collaborate directly with landlords to ensure you are not paying a foreigner premium.

Here at StayInShanghai, we strive to oversee and care for your needs from the point of contact until the day you leave.


Why Choose Us?

We understand the challenges faced when moving to Shanghai. The overwhelming nature of the environment, the unfamiliar language and high cultural barrier can initially be stressful. We believe that an open communication builds trust, which is the foundation of any relationship whether it’s with our employees, landlords or our clients.

We strive for excellence in all that we do. We set high company standards, and then consistently try to improve them. We have excellent working relationships with local landlords based on our experience, credibility and unparalleled reputation.

We are passionate and committed in heart and mind to what we do. Together as a team we work around the clock to assist existing clients and to fulfill the needs of our potential clients. When we face a challenging decision, we never compromise our values and principles. We do what is right, not what is the easiest.