Settling-In & After Service
June 10

Settling-In & After Service

We understand the challenges faced when moving to Shanghai as the overwhelming nature of the environment and the unfamiliar language can initially be stressful. StayInShanghai is the only Expat-run relocation consultancy that can precisely identify the requirements and value the after-service of our clients.

Our unique settling-in programme, composed of several in depth guides and personal assistance services (listed below), ensures that transitioning into local society is conducted as smoothly as possible. 

  1. The only agency to provide a 24/7 customer service with any queries or problems throughout the whole lease term.
  2. Police registration: Assist with documents preparation and complete procedure on customers behalf.  
  3. WiFi setup: Coordinate local setup of internet and WiFi prior to move-in.  
  4. SIM card: Basic introduction to major service providers and personally assist with local SIM card setup. 
  5. Banking: Assistance with opening a local bank account, whilst also setting up WeChat and Alipay. 
  6. Access to exclusive StayInShanghai networking events and local deals.